Group Centre Based Activities NDIS

Per their health condition. We offer support worker facilitated as well as self-directed activities. Participants can opt these activities independently or as a combination of both.

Group Centre Based Activities NDIS

At Life with Choice Care, we ensure that our participants have ample opportunities to socialize instead of being stuck in a fixed daily routine. This helps the participants to gain a sense of independence and achievement. Offering various group activities is one such step in the direction of meeting their NDIS development goals. All the activities are approved by certified professionals and participants’ carers and designed according to their suitability and needs as.

Some of the activities offered by us are:

  • Recreational: games, dance, music, disco, art and craft
  • Community gatherings: Library, book club, museum, plays, local shopping centres
  • Education: Classes in subjects of choice, general health awareness, current affairs
  • Life Skills: Tailoring, cooking, gardening, self-care, and other household tasks

If there is any other activity that you are keen to participate in a group-based setting, we will be happy to organize the same for you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions in regards to this support service.

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