Participate Community

Life With Choice Care understands the significance of being able to engage in a new activity or enjoying an easy day out with the community members.

Community Participation NDIS Services

Our experienced and qualified team encourages participants to participate in community activities and assists them at every stage to help them develop new skills, make new friends, and relish their time spent whilst being active members of the community. Our team ensures that you have control over your NDIS plan, and delivers the support services accordingly. The objective of this support program is to enhance the wellbeing of those with disability, and enable them to feel empowered and confident.

Our support workers encourage you to participate in a range of activities including but not limited to:

  • Participating in community activities
  • Attending workshops to enhance/learn new skills
  • Playing games with friends, and more
  • Using the community library
  • Going for movies
  • Being a part of other interactive sessions

Reach out to us to have a detailed insight into this support service.

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