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Open the doors for care that matters with our team at Life Choice WIth Care. We are a trusted NDIS provider in Taylors Lake dedicated to helping the participants fulfil their short and long-term goals without being limited by safety concerns.

Trusted NDIS Disability services in Taylors Lake

Embark on your NDIS journey with the right team by your side – Life With Choice Care, a trusted and reliable NDIS provider in Taylors Lake. We are a team of dedicated support professionals and caregivers committed to offering unparalleled support to all NDIS participants. With years of experience in the disability sector, we excel in delivering top-notch disability support services.

We understand the profound impact the NDIS can have on promoting growth and well-being of the NDIS Taylors Lake participants, that’s why we go the extra mile to help participants utilise their plans effectively. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we welcome feedback to continuously improve and adapt our approach to suit your preferences.

At Life With Choice Care, we are passionate about empowering the participants to lead a safe and growth-oriented life. We will be at your services at all times and make sure you optimise the benefits of your plan and work towards achieving your goals.

What is the NDIS?

NDIS or the National Disability Insurance is a funded support extended by the Australian government to help people with disabilities lead a safe and growth-oriented life. This scheme, managed by the NDIS offers financial assistance to the participants and the allocated funds can be used to avail of diverse disability support services in Taylors Lake or any other region. To avail of this scheme, you need to fulfil certain eligibility requirements. This includes:

  • Must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a Protected Special Category Visa.
  • Aged between 7 and 65 years (at the time of access request).
  • Must have a disability or condition that is likely to be permanent and significantly affects daily life.
  • The disability must impact the ability to perform daily activities or require support for social and economic participation.
  • Reside in an area where the NDIS is available and have not received support through a state-based disability program.

If you meet these requirements and are preparing to start your NDIS journey, connect with our team at Life With Choice Care. We will offer comprehensive support and make sure you have access to all the resources you need to lead a satisfactory NDIS journey.

Why Choose Us as Your NDIS Service Provider in Taylors Lake?

Individualised Support

As your chosen NDIS provider in Taylors Lake, we will take the time to understand your unique needs, interests, and goals, tailor our support services to match your unique preferences and aspirations.

Empathetic and Compassionate

We are a team driven by a strong compassion for people with disabilities. We follow a caring and understanding approach to ensure you feel supported, valued, and heard throughout your NDIS journey

Knowledgeable NDIS Experts

Navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. Our knowledgeable NDIS experts provide guidance and assistance, simplifying the process and maximising your plan’s potential.

Collaborative Approach

We believe in teamwork. We will always involve you and your support network in decision-making to ensure your support plan aligns with your preferences and fosters a sense of autonomy and empowerment.

Advocacy and Empowerment

As responsible citizens and NDIS providers in Taylors Lake we will advocate for your rights and interests and help you make informed choices that shape your future.

Continuity and Reliability

Building a strong and lasting partnership is our priority. You can rely on us to be there consistently, offering unwavering support as you progress toward your goals.

Embrace the Life You Desire with Our Disability Support Services in Taylors Lake

At Life With Choice Care, your choice comes at the core of our service operation. We work with your family and medical team to best identify your needs and cater to them. Our disability support services in Taylors Lake cater to diverse conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)
  • Physical disabilities, including sensory disabilities
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Aged Care
  • Dementia
  • Mental Health Illness
  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
  • Autism

We are familiar with the kind and level of care and support that different conditions demand and we make sure our NDIS disability services in Taylors Lake cater to these unique requirements. So, if you are looking for personalised NDIS Services and wish to connect with the best NDIS provider in Taylors Lake, look no further than our team at Life With Choice Care. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities and we do so by delivering premium NDIS support services in Taylors lake. So, if you need NDIS assistance or know someone who might benefit from our services, get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for NDIS:

  • You have to be an Australian resident or a Special Category Visa Holder.
  • You must be aged between 7 and 65 years of age.
  • Have a permanent or significant disability which limits your ability to perform everyday tasks on your own.

To apply for NDIS funding in Taylors Lake, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. If you meet the eligibility requirements, contact the NDIA to request an Access Request Form or apply online through their website. Complete the form and submit it with all the required supporting documentation. The NDIA will assess your application, and if eligible, they will arrange a planning meeting to discuss your support needs and develop an NDIS plan.

Choosing a reliable NDIS service provider involves research and considerations. Look for providers registered with the NDIS and check their experience, qualifications, and reviews from other participants. Consider the range of services they offer and whether they align with your needs and goals. Request information about their person-centred approach and how they involve you in decision-making. Don't hesitate to ask questions and ensure they meet your requirements.

Yes, you have the right to switch NDIS providers in Taylors Lake if you are dissatisfied with your current one. Inform the NDIA about your decision and discuss your reasons for the change and do your research and switch to an NDIS provider in Taylors Lake who best meets your needs.

The NDIS Taylors Lake funds support for permanent and significant disabilities that significantly impact daily functioning and require ongoing assistance. Temporary medical conditions or minor injuries that are not expected to have long-term effects may not be funded by the NDIS. Additionally, disabilities that do not meet the eligibility criteria or are already covered by other government schemes or insurance may not be funded. For specific information on medical conditions and funding eligibility, it's best to consult with the NDIA or a relevant healthcare professional.

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